October 16, 2016

I've been having one of those mornings. The ones that start a little differently, on a different note, with a different taste. 

I went to bed last night stressing about something; something that, in retrospect, was ridiculous and silly and just not worth it. And when I...

October 2, 2016

Busy schedules. I know we all suffer from them, no matter how different we are and no matter how different our lives are. Everyone I know and every new person I meet has the same problem: They're busy.

I often, very often worry that I might not be spending enough time w...

September 18, 2016

It is human nature to find our confidence through the way others see us, the way they believe in us. Sometimes, that's really all it takes for us to gather the strength to leap. If someone believes we can do it, then it must be true.

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September 11, 2016

This is me today. Fighting hard not to fall asleep because it only 3:45pm on a beautiful Sunday.

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This may have to do with the fact that I'm particularly drained at this moment, but reading the quote Barbara chose for her illustration,...

August 21, 2016

And we're back!

It's been a while since we last shared our stories with you, but that doesn't mean we haven't been hard at work! We have loads to tell you and some really exciting news about a new book coming soon. But for now, we've got this gorgeous illustration by Ba...