You may not know this yet, but not all children have fun at parties.

Not all children feel comfortable in crowded, noisy places.

Not all children like to jump into the pool and get their faces all wet.

Are you one of those children? Well now you know, you’re not the only one.

Meet Oliver


“All Too Much for Oliver” is a story about a little boy
whose favorite thing is to play by himself in his own quiet room. But one day, Oliver meets a little girl named Odile. They enjoy playing together even though they are very different. Slowly, Oliver starts to try some of the things that used to make him feel uncomfortable, like going to a crowded playground.


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Meet Aiden


Our next story is about a little boy named Aiden. Much like Oliver and many children who are more sensitive than most, Aiden becomes overwhelmed with everything that's going on around him, and although he is excited about visiting the fire station with his mom and dad, he's not so sure once he gets there.

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Sometimes there are things that everyone seems to enjoy but us. You may have felt that way before. You also might have tried to face your fears and give those things a shot. At times, we have to try a few times before we start to feel comfortable. At other times, we may quickly find that some things are not as bad as we thought they might be.


Meet our characters and find out how they tried to overcome their fears.

"At its heart, All Too Much for Oliver
is about the connection between a highly sensitive boy and a less sensitive girl.
She clearly enjoys him and finds him special. She also encourages him, without judgment, to do the things he wants
to do anyway. These two little children
effortlessly teach us that the 20% and
the 80% can be a great team." 


 - Elaine Aron, Ph.D.  
   Author of "The Highly Sensitive Child"


"This book creates an excellent
opportunity to help sensitive children
learn how to deal with overstimulation
and new ways to relate to other children
in a group setting."




             - Ted Zeff, Ph.D.  
               Author of "The Strong Sensitive Boy"            

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