My Quiet Adventures, Picture Books for Highly Sensitive Children - About Us, Our Mission, Our Story

My Quiet Adventures books are carefully created by mothers of highly sensitive children. This means that our books were written, illustrated, edited and proof read by people who know highly sensitive children.


The idea was inspired by a little boy who had a hard time doing certain things other children seemed to do effortlessly, and went to his books to find the courage and motivation to try again.


As the mother of this extraordinary little boy, I eventually discovered that there weren’t enough books out there that spoke to children who were more sensitive, cautious and intuitive than most. Many of the best-loved classics we grew up with would often lead to tears and deep philosophical questions at bedtime. Many of the popular, more recent children’s books would have the same effect should something imaginative and fun but somewhat illogical happen in the story.


As children grow up and become more self-aware, they begin to feel a little different than other children they see in the classroom, their neighborhoods, and possibly even in their own families. This is true for most children of course, regardless of sensitivities. However, highly sensitive kids will watch others have carefree fun and take risks, while they are left wondering how this can be so easy for most but so difficult for them.


The aim of our books is not to “correct” sensitivities. That would not only be impossible but also very unfortunate. Our goal is to try and give highly sensitive children characters and stories they can relate to and give them the courage and inspiration they might need to overcome difficult situations. It’s important to keep in mind that things do not go as quickly in reality as they do in our stories; that is something we mention in the discussion page at the end of our books. Also, our characters don’t cease to be sensitive towards the end of the book, but rather learn to live with their sensitivities and start to enjoy situations that used to make them feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed.


Not all highly sensitive children are the same, even though they share the “sensitive” trait. Some are sensitive to certain things while others are not. Some require more time to get used to something while others manage much faster. Some are introverted while some are extroverted.


We realize that not all our books necessarily speak to all children in the same way, but we hope that they nevertheless trigger open discussions that help both you and your child talk about the ways in which he or she is sensitive, and help you better understand how you can help each other.