My Quiet Adventure books are written and illustrated with the highly sensitive child in mind. Having said that, we should also tell you that they are actually meant for everyone, highly sensitive or not. Here are our current titles: 

All Too Much for Oliver


Oliver is a quiet little boy. He avoids going to places that might be too noisy or crowded like the playground, the pool, or even birthday parties.


In fact, Oliver’s favorite thing to do is play by himself in his own quiet room.


But things start to change when Odile moves in next door.

One day, Odile asks Oliver to go to the playground with her. Oliver really wants to play with Odile, but he is worried...


Will Oliver go with Odile to the playground, even though it might be very crowded and much too noisy?

Aiden Finds a Way

The weekend is here and Aiden can’t wait to visit the fire station with Mom and Dad.


But when they finally get there, Aiden isn’t sure he wants to join in the fun.

That’s when Aiden meets someone who might be a little more worried than he is…


Our next book is currently in the works and will be available soon!

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