All Too Much for Oliver - Picture Book for Highly Sensitive Children (My Quiet Adventures)
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Review by Dr Elaine Aron:

"At its heart, All Too Much for Oliver
is about the connection between a highly sensitive boy and a less sensitive girl. She clearly enjoys him and finds him special. She also encourages him, without judgment, to do the things he wants to do anyway. These two little children
effortlessly teach us that the 20% and
the 80% can be a great team." 


Review by Dr Ted Zeff:

"This book creates an excellent opportunity to help sensitive children learn how to deal with overstimulation and new ways to relate to other children in a group setting."




Review by HSP Mom:

"I like this book because the text and illustrations foster
a sense of quiet and calm.  The story line does not say how Oliver “solved his problems” or that they are problems at all — which is awesome because being highly sensitive is not a problem to be fixed.  Because of this, the child can interpret the text in a way that works for them, that jives with their story." Read more



Review by picture book author Dave Seow:

"'All too Much for Oliver' is a touching story about a young boy who finds the busy world around him a bit too much
for his liking. Truth be told, the busy uncontrollable world we live in is too much for some adults as well." Read more


Review by Sue Tan - Parenting on Purpose:

"All Too Much for Oliver embraces and accepts Oliver for who he is. He is not told by his parents to change, or to decide to join in the activities at the pool or the playground. Oliver is given permission to change his mind about going to the playground when it is too overwhelming for him, and the changes are seen in small, tentative movements in the right direction. His parents' overall concern is for his happiness and well-being, and when he finds it in his unlikely friendship with Odile, they are still there in the background with their quiet and unconditional support." Read more


Review by writer Tanya Slavin:

"This book is about a sensitive little boy who finds it difficult to engage in typical kid activities such as playing on a noisy playground or splashing in a pool with lots of other kids. Things change when he makes friends with a neighbour girl.
The girl, though not highly sensitive herself, is highly attentive to Oliver’s needs. And really – that is all that a highly sensitive child truly needs: someone who would listen to him and accept him as he is. With the help of his new friend
and at his own pace, Oliver starts enjoying things that used to overwhelm him." Read more


Review by Hooked on Books:

"This sweet enduring story allows any child to have feelings of being overwhelmed in different situations and understanding that these feelings are common. It can also help build self-esteem in sensitive children and guide them
to learn coping strategies." Read more

Review by Sallie Borrink:

"I think they are wonderful books if you have a highly sensitive child who struggles with feeling different from other kids or simply struggles to fit into the world around her. All Too Much for Oliver and Aiden Finds a Waydo an excellent job of starting the conversation about being comfortable with who you are while also taking brave steps forward and making small changes." Read more


Swag Literary Journal:

"So what happens when boisterous, bright, bold books upset your child at bedtime? You write one yourself.

Leila Boukarim told SWAG about All Too Much for Oliver, a book for highly sensitive children."

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 Thots n Tots: 

"“School was a nightmare for both our son and ourselves. There were tears every single day before he started school in Singapore at the age of almost four. The teachers before then were never supportive of the needs of our child and often labelled him as ‘difficult’. He always preferred to be left alone with his books since his nursery days when he was only 18 months old. He rejected circle time and group activities. It was suggested to us more than once that there might be ‘something wrong’ with our son, autism being on the list of possible ‘wrongs’ even though he didn’t display any of the symptoms,” explains Leila Boukarim, mother of two and author of All Too Much for Oliver."

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Interview with Diana and Will Harper, creators of Sensitive - The Untold Story: