Oliver is a kind little boy. He loves to play with his cars and trains, and really enjoys reading books with his mom and dad. Most of all, Oliver feels best when the world around him is calm. He tries to stay away from the playground when it's crowded, he thinks the music at parties is always too loud, and the zoo is just too much to bear. Too many people and too much noise make Oliver uncomfortable.


Do you feel like Oliver sometimes?



Aiden is a little boy who shies away from trying new things because they might be too scary. He may be really excited about something, like the fire station, but then change his mind once he's there. Aiden likes to watch other children do things before he gives them a go himself. Like many children, he often needs some time before he's ready to try something new.

Do you feel like Aiden sometimes?


Aiden's story is coming very soon, so stay tuned!



Evie is super excited about the Earth Day Festival, but there is one thing about the festival that terrifies her—the mascots!


Evie's story is coming soon, so stay tuned!


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