Our Very Own Blog!

We are very excited about our brand new blog!

Blogging on My Quiet Adventures wasn't in our original plan, but as the months passed after the launch of our site, we felt the need to get closer to our followers, letting them know what we've been up to, how our new books are coming along, receiving feedback, or just exchanging ideas. And what better way to do that than through a blog?

I already blog over at Sensitive and Extraordinary Kids, where I share honest stories about what it's like parenting a highly sensitive child, in the hope of letting other parents of highly sensitive children know they are not alone.

We won't be doing that over here though. This blog will be dedicated to sharing news with you about great picture books, about our work in progress, about giveaways, and so on. Barbara, our wonderful illustrator will be sharing some of her beautiful drawings weekly.

That's me on the left, and Barbara on the right, both looking

very happy at our first school fair with Oliver!

We want to have fun, and we want to hear from you! After all, our work to a very large extent depends on your input, your stories, your children’s stories, and the ideas you have!

So please, if there’s anything you’d like to share with us, do so right here in the comments section. And stay tuned for some exciting news, coming soon!

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