Our Work in Progress: Meet Aiden

We've had the incredible chance to talk to parents who have read our book, All Too Much for Oliver, and a question we always get is this:

"Are you working on more?"

Well, it just so happens we are, and it makes me so incredibly happy to be able to say that. We are currently working on two stories, and one of them is about a little boy named Aiden, who is afraid to try new things.

Aiden, a highly sensitive boy who is afraid to try new things

Our second book is going through its third major edit, and will be ready for some color and a test run with a group of beta-readers (mothers and fathers of highly sensitive children who read our story and let us know how we can improve it). It's all very exciting, and a lot of work, but it's so worth it!

For those of you asking, "Where are the girl characters?"

We hear you, and I'm happy to announce that after Aiden is introduced to the world, we'll be showing off our little Evie shortly after that!

I love our characters, and the more time I spend time with them, the more attached I become. They were all created so carefully, with love and affection, and with attention paid to those details that make them so real. I see our characters in the boy at school who covers his ears when it gets too loud, and in the girl at the playground who sits by herself, quietly observing the other children. I see them in my own child and in the children I hear about from other parents of highly sensitive children.

They are beautiful. They are brave. They make me so proud.

And I can't wait to introduce them to you.

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