Dear Greenpeace: A Book Review

When I saw Dear Greenpeace at the library this week, from the title and cover alone I was sold! I am weak for picture books that raise awareness on the importance of nature and our planet, and help our kids to feel responsible for it.

This book does just that.

Dear Greenpeace by Simon James is a charming story about a little girl, Emily, who discovers (or thinks) there’s a whale in her pond. She writes to Greenpeace letting them know, and asks for more information on whales so she can take good care of it.

Through her correspondence exchange with Greenpeace, Emily learns a lot about whales while Greenpeace insists there couldn’t possibly be a whale in Emily’s pond. But by the end of the story, we clearly feel Emily’s deep love for the whale (and whales in general) when she sees him one last time, and can finally see a once doubtful Greenpeace become more open-hearted, regardless of how unbelievable Emily’s story is.

After having read this book quite a few times, my son, upon learning about what happens to dolphins in captivity, comes up to me and says, “Mom, when I grow up, I want to join Greenpeace.”

Message received!

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