#SketchySunday: Small Blessings

One of the many things I love about Barbara is that she always seems to know what I need, even when she doesn't have a clue what I'm going through.

Incidentally, while I was feeling somewhat stressed out about the fact that it's pouring out today in Singapore, most likely because we have a birthday BBQ planned for my little one, I receive her lovely illustration in my inbox with this message:

"Ahhhhh, thank goodness for small blessings."

Sketchy Sunday by My Quiet Adventures - Picture Books for the Highly Sensitive Child: Small Blessings

Click here to download and print

Before I even sat down to share this, I made myself a nice cup of tea, had a piece of chocolate, and felt a whole lot better.

Yes, it is still raining, and yes, our guests are still coming, but in the wise words of my three year old, the birthday boy, "It's just a little water, Mom."

Happy Sinday folks!

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