Sally and the Limpet: A Book Review

We discovered author and illustrator Simon James not long ago when we found Dear Greenpeace at the library not long ago. It very quickly became one of our favorites.

While looking through the picture books at the school library this week, the cover of Sally and the Limpet caught my eye; a sweet illustration with soft colors that makes you happy just looking at it. When I realized it was by Simon James, I quickly put it in out "check out" pile.

When my eldest got back home from school and saw the book on the coffee table, he grabbed it and read it in a quiet corner of the living room. When I asked him how he liked it and he answered, "I loved it. Even more than Dear Greenpeace," I couldn't wait to read it.

Sally goes to the beach one day and finds a limpet with a nice, big, pretty shell. She finally manages to pull it off the rock it was on, only to get it stuck on the top of her finger. Which is where the limpet decides to stay!

Try as they might, neither Sally, her father, brother, friends, teacher nor doctor can pull it off. Sally starts to get very frustrated towards the end, getting overwhelmed with all the fuss that's going on around her. But despite it all, she comes up with a clever solution herself, making sure the limpet is good and happy in the process.

I love the way Sally is portrayed by the author, as a real child with real emotions, who gets fed up with her situation, just wanting "to be on her own" at one point in the story. I also love the discrete focus on the importance of nature and the respect we should have for it.

Before I reveal anything that will spoil the book for you, I will wrap things up with one final word: Go get a copy of Sally and the Limpet!

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