#SketchySunday: Rain Don't Go Away!

It has been raining like crazy in our part of the world. Once minute the sun is shining bright, and the next it's pouring, like someone in the sky turned on a giant faucet to give the world a nice warm shower. That, unfortunately, has led to way too many loads of clean and almost dry laundry getting soaked, only to be washed and hung out to dry once again.

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On the other hand however, our more carefree little ones couldn't care less about laundry getting wet, and see a rainy day as an opportunity to splash in puddles. My three year old yells at me if I try to get him under my umbrella when it's raining.

"I want to get wet Mom! I wike wain!" he yells out every time.

All I can do is watch him with a smile from under my umbrella as he looks up at the sky with his mouth wide open.

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