#SketchySunday: What If You Fly?

Fear can be such a big part of our lives, which only becomes a bad thing when it stops up from truly living. The incredible movie Inside Out taught us that "Fear" can keep us safe by warning us of potential dangers, making us stop to analyze a situation, or pushing us to run. However, when you're the type of person who, by nature, tends to over think everything, fear can become debilitating.

One of the things I came to realize after I learned my own son was highly sensitive, was that one of the most wonderful things about children is that they're carefree. They want to have fun and enjoy everything the world has to offer. They throw themselves into new situations with happy squeals, excited about what they might discover.

"Carefree" was one thing my son wasn't when he was younger, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't often make me sad. I had to watch all the other kids go down slides, get on swings, jump into pools, and run around aimlessly, while mine sat on the sidelines watching, thinking, and weighing the risks.

Six years later, my son has learned to live with his sensitivities. He knows more about "danger" and where it definitely isn't. He joins in the fun most of the time, and appears to actually be carefree. Every now and then however, he is faced with something new, unfamiliar territory where the risks are unknown.

When that happens, and I know it will happen often as he gets older and problems become bigger, I find myself referring to the below quote by Erin Hanson, which Barbara has so beautifully illustrated.

Barbara says: "Inspired by one of my favourite quotes, which I think is very relevant to HSCs."

“What if I Fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?”

- Erin Hanson

Click here to download and print!

May you all fly this Sunday.

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