#SketchySunday: Superheroes

Over the years, I have witnessed my highly sensitive boy face his fears and jump over many hurdles. I have watched him look for inspiration in people, books, nature, and use it to work on himself. I have seen him grow braver, stronger, happier.

His battles may seem trivial to some. Getting in the water, meeting new people, being at crowded parties, putting up with other children's shrieking, going down a long slide, climbing a tree... While these achievements may not seem like much to most people, they are a big deal for someone who hears things louder, feels things deeper, and overthinks every situation.

At such a young age, my little boy has achieved so much. He has inspired me in so many ways and taught me more than I ever thought possible. He is my heart and soul.

He is my hero.

Click picture to download and print.

We hope you enjoy coloring in Barbara's gorgeous illustration, so relevant to highly sensitive children.

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