The Lost Stars: A Picture Book Review

"The world is a bright, busy place, full of noise."

Can an opening sentence for a picture book possibly be any more perfect?

As soon as I read that first line, I was hooked. I couldn't wipe that big smile off my face, as my kids looked at me like they'd missed something.

The Lost Stars - A Picture Book Review by My Quiet Adventures

"The lights are always on. People are always talking and moving."

Unlike what I expected, the book was not about highly sensitive people getting overwhelmed with the business and brightness and the loudness of the world.

I was however very happily surprised with what it was really about.

The Lost Stars by Hannah Cumming tells the story of our stars, who one day get fed up with being ignored by people who are much too busy to look up at the sky. The beautiful illustrations in the book show people watching TV, staring at their screens, talking on the phone, reading, walking, jogging, biking, driving... The stars come out every night and work very hard, shining bright in the sky for the people below, but feel like no one cares. So they one day decide to pack up and go on vacation, because no one seems to need them or even notice they're there.

But one day, the power runs out, and everything is dark! That's what it takes for everyone to remember that there used to something shiny in the sky that gave us light.

My kids and I loved everything about this book. It's fun, gorgeous, and sends out a very important message. In a world where everyone seems to be staring into a phone, much too busy to notice what's going on around them, we need more wake up calls before we forget about the stars and everything else.

And wouldn't it be nice to live at a pace that allows us to stop and smell the roses more often? I think so.

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