#SketchySunday: To Tech or Not to Tech

Ah, tech. A topic of debate for so many parents. An educational tool for some, a source of anxiety for others. There are so many valid points of view out there that there is no black and white here. It's actually very, very grey.

To Tech or Not to Tech - Sketchy Sunday by My Quiet Adventures - Picture books for highly sensitive children - HSC

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But like so many parenting topics of debate, the use of tech is also a very personal thing. For so many parents, the use of the iPad for instance has helped their children develop certain skills, exposed them to a world of knowledge, and helped to calm them down when nothing else worked. And for so many others, the same device that is so valued in some homes, will wind children up to the extent of making them behave aggressively.

So many factors come into play here, including the nature of the child, the parent's preferences, lifestyle, the applications themselves, and the rules that come with the use of tech, just to name a few.

In our home, the iPad and other machines have brought all of us a lot joy, and a lot of peace. But at some point, for some reason, it became very difficult to manage, leading us to limit tech to a few hours every few months. That might change in the future, and it might not. Who knows.

But for now, that's what works for us. How about you? What's your experience with tech at home?

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