The Little Gardner: A Book Review

"This was the garden. It didn't look like much, but it meant everything to its gardener."

The Little Gardener by Emily Hughes is a beautiful story about a tiny little gardener who spends his days and nights tending his garden, with such love and such care. And nothing makes him happier.

The only problem is, the little gardener is very little, and his garden is very, very big. The story starts off with the nameless gardener weeding away in good spirits in the company of his friend, an earthworm.

But gradually, as the little gardener realizes he's much too small to keep up with his dying garden, with the exception of one tall, blooming flower, he loses faith and wishes he would get some help.

With very few words, the writer/illustrator manages to show the reader that no matter how small you think you are, and no matter how insignificant you might think what you're doing is, your hard work will show, and it will make a difference.

The little gardener's big heart shines through in Emily Hughes' detailed pencil illustrations, especially in the way that he cares for his sick friend, lovingly sitting by his bed when he himself is not feeling well either. He's a beautiful little person you can't help falling in love with.

I highly recommend you share this story with your little ones, and find out what happens to the little gardener and his garden.

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