#SketchySunday: Don't give up

Highly sensitive children (and people) are known for their perfectionism. On the one hand, it means they often do things well, but on the other, it means they get frustrated when something doesn't come as easy as they'd like and tend to give up.

Sketchy Sunday by My Quiet Adventures - Picture Books for Highly Sensitive Children - Don't give up

Click picture to download and print (art by Barbara Moxham)

My son has recently been very openly displaying his exasperation when he tries to accomplish something a few times, and fails. This of course is made worse by peers for whom the same "something" comes naturally.

We have spoken several times in the past few weeks about what it means to keep trying, no matter how challenging things get, because otherwise we'd never accomplish anything. On a few occasions, he has pushed himself to have another go and, much to his surprise, succeeded.

It's a wonderful thing to witness a child learn the most valuable lessons in life.

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