#SketchySunday: Be Kind

I remember a time when I was very young, a child at school, when I suddenly realized that there is nothing more unfair than to judge someone, assuming you've got them all figured out. I'm not sure how this realization came to me, but I remember how it made me feel. Nothing made more sense at the time.

Sketchy Sunday by My Quiet Adevntures - Picture Books for Highly Sensitive Children - Be Kind - Coloring Sheet

Click picture to download and print. Then color in with your little ones!

Unkindness is not something uncommon. It is, unfortunately, much too common in this world of ours. School is a particularly rough place to be, with kids relentlessly bullying one another while most others sit back and watch, too scared perhaps to speak up. Quiet kids, kids who look different, kids who stand out in one way or another are picked on without mercy. I wish I could say that this cruel behavior stops when we grow up, but we all know it doesn't. Much too often we draw conclusions and label people when we really have no idea what they're going through, what battles they're fighting.

Let us remember we are all fighting battles and that we can't always be our best selves. Let us understand this and be kind. What a different place the world would be if could all just show a little more empathy.

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