The Final Stages of our Second Book

Yesterday, Barbara and I got together to discuss all the work we've done and dreamed of the day we get to hold a copy of our second book. That day, I'm happy to say, is comimg very soon!

Our next story is about a little boy named Aiden. Much like Oliver and many children who are more sensitive than most, Aiden becomes overwhelmed with everything that's going on around him, and although he is excited about visiting the fire station with his mom and dad, he's not so sure once he gets there.

Over the summer, we sent out a soft copy of our book, illustrations and all, to a group of incredible test readers, all of whom are parents of highly sensitive children, and the feedback we received was insightful and very helpful. It was such a pleasure reading about the way little ones around the world reacted to Aiden. Some comments brought me to tears (happy ones). Knowing that we've managed to create yet another character HSC (Highly Sensitive Children) can relate to is all we could really ask for. That is, after all, our ultimate goal.

The Final Stages of Our Second Book - My Quiet Adventures - Picture Books for Highly Sensitive Children

A recurring request kept coming up as we read through the feedback emails we received over the summer. It was something both parents and children wanted to see at the end of the book: They wished they could actually see Aiden enjoy himself after what he'd been through that day at the station, and although this was very clear in the story, moms, dads and little ones needed a conclusive illustration to go with the words. The one that Barbara created for that last scene is precious, and I can't wait to share it with the world. No, it isn't any of the ones in the picture... It shall remain a surprise!

So stay tuned for more updates, because they're coming soon! And if you know any parents of highly sensitive children and think they would appreciate stories that speak to their kids, please let them know about My Quiet Adventures.

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