#SketchySunday: Frog Prince Girl

It is human nature to find our confidence through the way others see us, the way they believe in us. Sometimes, that's really all it takes for us to gather the strength to leap. If someone believes we can do it, then it must be true.

Sketchy Sunday by My Quiet Adventures - Picture Books for Highly Sensitive Children

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Often, people ask me what my husband and I did to help our sensitive child become the confident, carefree, sociable boy he is today. After all, he wasn't always like this. Far from it.

I could never really point to just one thing, but all I know is when we found out he was highly sensitive, and finally understood why he behaved and reacted the way he did, our expectations of him changed. Our mindset shifted drastically. We instantly relaxed and backed off, giving him the time he needed. We believed it would all happen in good time.

That's when it all started to happen. Support, understanding and patience led to growth, and all because we believed it would.

Hang in there Mom and Dad. It will happen. Just believe.

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