Wild Ideas: A Picture Book Review

"Problems are a problem."

Wise words from author Elin Kelsey. Problems certainly are a problem, especially when you are more sensitive than most people and get easily overwhelmed with the world. Dealing with problems in a calm, rational way is still a struggle in our house. Panic, self-doubt, and feelings of failure and ineptness quickly take over and leave room for nothing else. We have spoken to our sensitive little one about the importance of trying, and the invaluable lessons that can be learned when we fail. We realize this is a concept he will grasp at some point, but that it's just one of those things that will take time.

Elin Kelsey's book Wild Ideas is a great illustration of how much we can learn from nature when trying to solve our problems.

"If squirrels can learn to cross roads by watching people, what can you learn by watching squirrels?"

The words and illustrations complement each other so beautifully. The story gives readers much to ponder, while the intricate dioramas invite us to get lost in all the beautiful and colorful details.

Very gently, the author shows us how animals are always faced with problems they need to solve. They try. They fail. They get frustrated. They try again.

It's normal; it's part of life. It happens to all of us and that's okay.

The key it to keep trying, "untame your imagination" and discover a world of possibilities!

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