#SketchySunday: Special Moments

Busy schedules. I know we all suffer from them, no matter how different we are and no matter how different our lives are. Everyone I know and every new person I meet has the same problem: They're busy.

I often, very often worry that I might not be spending enough time with my kids, or that I'm failing at making their days structured / educational / entertaining enough. Some days go by when I'm busy with work, and they're happily playing together, and I wonder if that's okay.

Sketchy Sunday by My Quiet Adventures - Special Moments

I've always seen worrying as a healthy thing (as long as it doesn't cripple you) because it'll keep you in check. It makes you try harder. And so, on days like these, once I've worried enough, I'll drop everything and sit down on the floor with my children. I won't have a plan. I won't even have any ideas. But somehow, like magic, things start to happen, and these seemingly insignificant moments become special. Just being together and letting everything else go, is suddenly enough to create memories.

So when things get really busy, so busy that you worry about not spending enough quality time with your littles, try to take a break, get down on the floor with them, and let them take the lead. I try to keep that in mind always.

Wishing you a lifetime of special moments with the people you love most.

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