#SketchySunday: Between Sleep and Awake

I've been having one of those mornings. The ones that start a little differently, on a different note, with a different taste.

I went to bed last night stressing about something; something that, in retrospect, was ridiculous and silly and just not worth it. And when I woke up today, I picked up my phone (as one never should first thing in the morning) and found myself lost in a world of worry and struggle and grief.

My feed and inbox were filled with real stories from real people with real problems. One good friend is struggling to give her autistic, 20-year-old son the best life he can have, trying to prepare him for life on his own, a journey that is so painful it can change you. Others are talking about growing up with mental illness and the social ostracism that almost always comes with it. While others are lighting up candles all around the world in remembrance of Baby Loss Awareness Week, and sharing their stories of babies that were taken from them.

All I can say at this point, with all this weighing heavily on my heart (without being directly affected) is, let us try to remember everything we have; let us try and count our blessings, every day.

Let us be there for those who need us, and let us be inspired by the strength we witness all around us.

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