We Need Diverse Books (and other amazing things)

I will start by saying that Barbara and I have been busy. Really busy.

In the last few weeks, we've been making the final edits to Aiden Finds a Way, putting together some great book-related goodies to give away (more on that soon), planning our book launch, speaking to parents about high sensitivity, and last but not least, taking part in the Singapore Writers Festival, one of the biggest literary festivals in Southeast Asia.

So yes, we've been busy, but it's been exciting!

Me, very busy

Photo Credits: My 3-year-old

A few months ago, I almost deleted an email from the writers festival asking me to moderate a talk on creating a society of empathy, to be given by Jonathan Friesen, award winning author of Jerk, California. The reason for this is because I thought it was spam! Much to my surprise, it was not.

It happened!

To have been give the chance to meet Jonathan Friesen, chat with him, and hear him speak, I will be forever grateful. His words are so meaningful and so touching, I walked away trembling and with tears in my eyes, every single time. The world needs more people like him who make this world better.

I was also invited to speak on a panel about the diversity we so desperately need in children's books. To think that just a few years ago I wrote All Too Much for Oliver because I was desperate to find a story that would inspire my little boy the way he needed. And now, we're talking about high sensitivity as a topic of diversity. I got to sit on a stage with some incredibly talented women, and talk about how we need more books that speak to highly sensitive children; books that treat their issues and struggles seriously, even if they don't seem fun in the traditional "publishing" sense.

Children's Publishing: The Need for Diversity; Panel at the Singapore Writers Festival

Children's Publishing: The Need for Diversity; Panel at the Singapore Writers Festival

The week before the festival, I was invited to my son's school to speak to a large group of parents about highly sensitive children. The response was overwhelming the talk had the highest attendance the school has seen to date. There were so many interesting questions, heartfelt comments, touching stories, and even tears.

It fills my heart with joy that we've reached this very important point in time. High sensitivity is a thing. It's not in our heads, or our children's heads. It's real, it's wonderful...

And the world is finally ready to talk about it.


Stay tuned for updates on the launch of Aiden Finds a Way. We are recruiting some amazing people (that's you!) to help us launch this book and spread the word. We've said it before and we'll say it again: your support means everything to us! We couldn't do any of this without you.

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