Meet The Newest Member of our Family

Well first off, and this is a little late I realize, Barbara and I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year! We hope the holidays treated you well, and that 2017 will be an especially good year for everyone.

Before the holidays, we were very busy finalizing our latest book, Aiden Finds a Way, getting it ready for publication. And although Aiden arrived just a few days before our break, we wanted to make sure we gave him the introduction he deserves, and not a rushed-pre-Christmas-here's-Aiden kind of thing.

Aiden is a little boy who loves firetrucks, firefighters and fire stations. His parents want to take him to a fire station open house one morning, and although he's very excited about it, once they're there, he's can't seem to do much more than watch.

Aiden at the fire station - Illustration from Aiden Finds a Way

With the encouragement of his loving parents, Aiden attempts to try and activity, but something happens to upset him and only adds to his feelings of overwhelm. Aiden starts to walk away from it all. He needs to be alone. He needs to collect himself and his thoughts (story of my life!)

After having found a nice, quiet spot, Aiden noticed a Dalmatian puppy who seems to be more overwhelmed than he is.

Aiden helps a scared puppy - Illustration from Aiden Finds a Way

In trying to help the puppy relax, Aiden eventually finds his own strength.

Aiden makes a new friend - Illustration from Aiden Finds a Way

Sometimes, the world can be a big, scary place; and for those of us who are more sensitive than most, dealing with it all might take a little more time.

Aiden shows us how important it is to recognize when it's time for us to retreat, and that it's okay to take the time we need. He also shows us that baby steps are a great way to move forward for some.

Aiden's parents realize that their son is sensitive, but they also encourage him to do the things they know he will enjoy, through gentle and loving support, and never by pushing or criticizing their little boy. They are always there, watching over Aiden, allowing him to be himself.

We love Aiden and are very proud of him. He represents so many children who feel out of place much too often. We hope that those children can find comfort and reassurance in Aiden's story, and realize how special they really are.

Aiden Finds a Way is now available on our e-store, and will soon be available on You can also watch the book trailer here.

Please stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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